by the makers of Camera+

Macro by Camera+

Take the fuss out of taking amazing-looking close-up photos.
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The controls in Macro by Camera+ are laser-focused at getting your perfect close-up image crystal-clear and looking great.

Focus Peaking

Focus peaking highlights the parts of your photo are in focus, making manual focus trivial.


Turning on the grid helps you position your subject on the screen, guiding your use of the rule of thirds.


Histogram lets you visualize the relative brightness of your shot to understand if your photo is going to be under- or over-exposed.

Secret Sauce included

Macro intelligently processes your photos, making your subjects crisp and contrasty, without making them look unnatural.

Works with all your favorite apps

Macro saves your photos directly to your Photo Library, so everything is instantly available for editing or sharing from your favorite software.