Would you like to jot down notes on your device's gorgeous touch screen? Are you missing a way to sketch a simple diagram as a quick reminder? Will your children like to draw on your iPhone, maybe on top of a picture you shoot with the camera? Sketches® is an iOS application that will allow you to do all that.

Jot down your notes, scribble your thoughts and annotate your pictures using only your fingers and your imagination! Illustrate your ideas with simple but colorful diagrams, notes and sketches.

Place shapes using multitouch gestures, zoom in for those accurate little details, save your creations in your personal corkboard or send them to others. Use Sketches® for business, creativity or simply share it as a pastime with your friends.

Sketches® 2 is available through the App Store in iTunes and your device.

    • Stunningly beautiful and unobtrusive UI.
    • Easily sketch your ideas using the predefined shapes, or use the artistic brushes to draw by hand.
    • Fast and simple color selection, as well as an advanced color picker.
    • Natural, fast zooming and panning.
    • Great selection of clipart to annotate or decorate your drawings. Adjust size, position and rotation using natural multitouch gestures.
    • Create your own text shapes using one of the available fonts.
    • Change the background layer of your drawing at any time: shoot a picture, capture a map or choose among the built-in background library.
    • Create directions for your friends showing your current location in satellite, map or hybrid mode.
    • Eraser, undo, redo and revert options.
    • Device aware: Sketches 2 recognizes what device it is running on and will adjust for performance and capabilities.
    • Export your work to the photo album, share it via twitter or email, or download your drawings to your computer in PDF (full vector format), JPG or PNG.
Version 2.9 - 10/11/12
iPhone OS 6.0+ required

Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

Sketches 2 is a universal application, fully iPad ready.

Sketches Classic is also available at a reduced price for firmware 2.0+ devices!

Version 1.7.8 - 08/23/10
iPhone OS 2.0+ required


"Words can't describe how awesome this is. You will love it."

- S. Troughton-Smith

"Sketches is a great application for artists and doodlers alike."

- iPhone Alley