Lab for iOS 8+

Use Lab to find out details about your photos: date, location, exposure, resolution, size and even histogram are now available at your fingertips. All details right in your iPhone, no need to transfer your pictures to your computer!

Xslimmer for Mac OS X

Xslimmer, the friendly way to right-size your apps without losing functionality.

Xslimmer frees space wasted by unused code and localizations, improving app launch time.

Sketches for iOS

Sketches is a native iPhone, iPod and iPad application that will allow you to jot down notes, scribble your thoughts and annotate your pictures using only your fingers and your imagination!

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Macworld gave Sketches 4.5 stars

"Sketches is a great application for artists and doodlers alike.", 5 stars, iPhone Alley

"Sketches has matured from a well designed but simple sketch based notepad to a real productivity tool", 5 stars,

"Xslimmer is a very nice application to have in every space reclamation endeavor", Linus Ly

"Snapshot simplifies my photo printing job so much, I use it all the time", anonymous email


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